Month: May 2019

Ashley Martin

DelMar has quickly become a major asset to Roc Solid Foundation. They have our best interests in mind, are creative and are always available to help with questions or issues that arise. Their talented team is a true pleasure to work with!

Night for the Fight: Being Part of the Story

“The stories that get told the most, are the ones that you are a part of.” – Eric Newman, Chief Play Officer

Every year, Roc Solid Foundation’s Night for the Fight presents a powerful theme. This year, it was all about the story. Upon arrival, about a dozen artists welcomed guests, swiftly sketching each group of attendees that would pause & smile to let them illustrate the moment. The entrance to the the main event area was a colorful tunnel that illustrated the story of Mylo’s family – a five-year-old boy who is currently fighting pediatric cancer.

a sketch of our chief creative, Maria, and her dapper partner, Tony at the Night for the Fight entrance
the storybook-themed entrance to the main event area – an introduction to the story of the Whiteman family

Meet Mylo’s Family

The main presentation revolved around a story that 7-year-old Lilah told about her family and her brother Mylo who has been fighting cancer his whole life. Watch a piece of her story below:

Our Part of the Story

One of our favorite things about Night For the Fight is that every year there’s an element of surprise – an unforgettable moment for all guests. This year, they really made us feel like we were part of their story.

At one point, all guests who donated money to sponsor Roc Solid Ready Bags got the opportunity to actually pack a Ready Bag. We were given an inspirational card to sign and an empty Ready Bag.

We then moved to a table filled with everything that a family might need for their unexpected hospital stay, and began to pack one of each item into the bag. It was absolutely moving and humbling to know that the bag in our hands, the cards that we signed, and the items that we packed were all going to help a family during one of the most devastating moments of their lives.

Towards the end of the event, they showed us one last video clip that concluded Lilah’s story for the night. In this video, we see a few more of Lilah’s sketches, and then – one by one, the sketches of all of the guests that were drawn earlier that night!

animation showing the sketches of Night for the Fight guests at the end of Lila’s story

The animation’s message was powerful. Roc Solid is not just an organization that was built to help families like Mylo’s – it’s a community. Roc Solid is an ever-growing community that builds hope for families and lets them know that they are not alone in the fight. The relationships that are created within this community are life-long and impactful. The families, the leaders of Roc Solid, the volunteers, sponsors, and guests from their events are all part of this community. It was a reminder that no matter how little we think our part is, we are all part of the story – and that story did not end when we walked out of the doors at the end of the night.

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